ViziLite TBlue System

The ViziLite TBlue system is an oral cancer screening system that helps dentists identify and detect abnormal lesions that may be early signs of oral cancer.

ViziLite TBlue Procedure

The patient rinses her or his mouth with a pre-rinse solution. Using the ViziLite TBlue handheld light source, the dentist examines the inside of the mouth for abnormal tissue, which will appear white under the light. If there is a lesion, the dentist will map the area and take appropriate clinical action.

Even if results of the screening come back positive, it does not necessarily mean that the patient has oral cancer. It simply means that the doctor has detected some kind of oral abnormality, which will be reevaluated.

All patients, especially those at a higher risk of developing oral cancer, should be screened for it at least once a year. Patients at a higher risk of developing oral cancer include those who:

  • Are over the age of 40
  • Smoke
  • Consume excess amounts of alcohol
  • Have a history of oral cancer
  • Have an HIV or oral HPV infection

Treatment for oral cancer can be effective as long as the disease is detected early enough. More than 90 percent of cases are treated successfully when oral cancer is found at its earliest stage.

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